Robbie Williams Admits That 'He Feels Sorry For One Direction's Harry Styles'


If anyone can understand exacty what global superstars One Direction are currently going through, it's fellow former boyband giants Take That and Robbie Williams has now spoken out about his thoughts on curly-haired cutie Harry Styles' life, saying that he 'feels sorry for him'.

Take That are used to being stalked 24/7 and constantly having attention wherever they go and the world's new generation of boyband cuties One Direction have now kind of taken their place in the showbiz world, with 'ladies man' Harry Styles gaining an insane amount of media attention, which Robbie can definitely relate to.

Rob told The Sun, "It's only natural a lad in a boyband will be compared to me at some point.

"Everybody is a ladies' man or a man's man, whatever your persuasion might be. He's just having a nice time."

He continued: "I see Harry through bitter- getting-old-and-married-and-can't-do-all-of- that-any-more eyes.

"Also, I've got a lot of love for him and One Direction. On the pie chart, the love outweighs the bitterness — but the bitterness is in there too."

But, with Robbie expecting his first child with wife Ayda and keeping extremely busy promoting his clothing line as well as concentrating on his solo career - it's only natural that some day, Rob you have to hand your boyband frontman crown over to somebody. And Harry seems to be the perfect choice!

Meanwhile, when asked about his upcoming father role, Robbie has admitted that his wife's less than impressed about his busy schedule, ahead of the birth...

Speaking to Chris Evans on his radio show, he said that "I've had a bit of a falling out with the wife", and went on to explain that "I've got gigs this week, the baby could come at any minute."

"The wife has said, 'If I go into labour and you've got a gig in say Leeds or Dublin, you've got to cancel it and come home.'"

It sounds like Ayda has won her battle, kind of, as Robbie has now revealed he has a jet on standby as he plays a sell-out gig in Dublin tonight (September 14).

Talking to the Press Association, he said: "I don't think she's going to come today, I think it's going to be more likely next week"

"But there's a plane on standby and if I get that phone call I've got to go."

Oh, anyday now Rob! Exciting stuff.

Robbie was a regular on the 'party scene', just like Harry!

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