Robert Pattinson To Film New Movie In 'Dangerous' Iraq?


Robert Pattinson has revealed that he may be heading to Iraq to film his upcoming movie 'Mission: Blacklist'... and Kristen Stewart isn't the only one that's scared for his safety, as fans have revealed their concern for their fave stars well-being too!

Although we love the thought of Rob hitting our movie screens again very soon, his latest film has had everyone rather worried, as it might be filmed overseas in Iraq. And even though it hasn't been 100% confirmed that the movie will be filmed there, a few clues have been brought to our attention that hint that this is going to be the case.

According to, at a 'Cosmopolis' Berlin premiere, Rob was asked if he was really going to scout locations in Iraq.

He said, “I didn’t even realize that the script was a real story and then they told me it was a true story. I met Eric Maddox who it’s based on. He’s one of the most fascinating people I have ever met and the story’s amazing. We’re looking into Iraq, I mean he was there, I mean it’s quite difficult obviously to go there, but I think it would be a good thing to do to go and start… you know?”

At Comic-Con Rob told MTV, “The director is in Iraq right now,” leading Kristen to whisper “Oh, God.”

Fans have also expressed their concern for R-Pattz via Twitter, saying things like "As much as I want Mission Blacklist to happen, I do NOT want Rob to go out to Iraq. It’s not safe at all! :’( Don’t go Rob!"

Awww, feel the love R-Pattz!

Meanwhile, lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to be rocked by a tell-all book that will allegedly blow the lid on their very secret romance with allegations of cheating, sexual liberation and on set 'Twilight' tension caused by their relationship.

Fans have been desperate to know the details of the 'Twilight' couple's romance since they got together around four years ago and now according to OK! Magazine we will know and apparently a whole lot more as well.

Rob & Kristen try to avoid the paps

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