Robert Pattinson 'Writing Kristen Stewart A Wedding Song'


Robert Pattinson has reportedly got over his heartbreak after Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal to such an extent that he's in the process of writing a wedding song for his beloved.

An 'insider' told The National Enquirer: "Music has always been a huge part of their romance. When they first got together, Rob wrote Kristen songs all the time. Over the last year or so he's stopped, but this cheating debacle had made him step up his game."

Rob has apparently become quite the troubador with Kristen as his muse, writing dozens of songs since the break-up, and is, according to the US tabloid so enamoured he wants to turn one into their first dance.

The source said: "He's written at least a dozen songs for Kristen since [the affair] happened", adding: "A lot of them are sad, but now that they're fully back together, he's turning one of them into a wedding song. He's going to record it and surprise her with it for their first dance."

If true, it's a touching gesture from Rob, after all Kristen and he can't just begin their married lives together to any old thing like Robbie Williams' 'She's The One'.

However this is The National Enquirer, and there are so many wedding/baby/break-up rumours flying around the 'Twilight' couple that if we believed each one they'd have been married more times than Elizabeth Taylor and have more kids than Octomum.

So we may hold off on believing that Rob's gone all Adam Sandler from 'The Wedding Singer' just yet.

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Robert Pattinson 'Writing Kristen Stewart A Wedding Song'

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