Russell Brand Armed And Dangerous: 'Guns Are Fun'

Russell Brand Armed And Dangerous: 'Guns Are Fun'
Russell Brand Armed And Dangerous: 'Guns Are Fun'

Russell Brand may be a Brit but he has embraced the US lifestyle since moving to Los Angeles and has started carrying a gun.

He might have been getting to know the Dalai Lama last weekend and entertaining him with stories from his sex life but Russell is a lover and a fighter and is now armed with a dangerous weapon. Beloved mother Barbara is not so keen though and told the 36 year-old he wasn’t allowed one.

“I’ve been learning to fire guns. My mother said, ‘Don’t learn to fire guns, Russell.’” The star told The Sun.

Despite his mother banning him from picking up a weapon the naughty actor went ahead anyway and is now a gun-tooting expert, but even he admitted it probably wasn’t a good idea.

“Well, I’ve learnt and now I’ve got one. I mean, me, own a gun? I shouldn’t really have access to hair gel but I can fire a gun if I need to.” he said.

We are not surprised that Russ is a fan of the gun as he already dresses like a cowboy in leather trousers and hat so really a holster is just completing the look.

“To be honest guns are fun. When I was learning I was firing all over the place – obviously not at people but I was hitting all these targets. I felt like John Wayne.” He revealed.

Lets hope he doesn’t get too over excited with that firearm we don’t want any nasty accidents Russ!

Russell Thinks He's A Cowboy...

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