Russell Brand And Fox News' Sean Hannity Trade Insults Over Gaza Conflict

Russell Brand isn't letting Fox News' Sean Hannity have the last say when it comes to their recent "online conflict," as the 39 year-old describes it and has answered back to criticism from Hannity in a second video.

Last week a feud was sparked between the British star and Hannity, a US TV anchor, over an interview he held with Yousef Munayyer of The Palestine Centre, regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Russell questioned whether this interview could really be termed a "debate" (FOXNEWS)

Brand wasn't impressed with Hannity's aggressive style of interviewing and told him so in an episode of The Trews post on his YouTube channel.

As well as comparing Hannity to the Ken Doll from Toy Story 3, he said Hannity's aggression made him the terrorist.

He said: "Sean’s not interested in truth,"

"Hannity is only interested pushing a particular perspective.”

Here's the video in full: 

When the video went viral, a pretty angry Hannity decided to give Brand an "education" on what was really happening in Gaza, during a segment on Fox News he called "Hamas & Hollywood".

Referring to the comedian as "a D-list presenter better known for his failed marriage to Katy Perry," Hannity claimed Russell was "kind of dumb" and "ignorant."

Russell's responded with another video, in which he calls Hannity's approach to him, "mendaciously and vindictivly," especially as he was playing one of Perry's songs to introduce the debate.

Hannity fired back with a piece of "education" for Brand (FOXNEWS)

Sean gets pretty worked up during the chat and at one point claims Israel isn't being hard enough on the Palestinans, despite the horrific reports of civilian fatalities coming out of the war zone.

He told a panel of fellow journalists: "They haven’t gone far enough, they’ve shown too much restraint,"

Brans ends the 13 minute video, calling for Hannity to "come back to humanity" and criticises Fox News for treating the humanitarian crisis as entertainment.

 Here's the second video in full:

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