Russell Brand's Olympic Rant: 'UK Will Make A Right Balls Up Of Games'

Russell Brand's Olympic Rant: 'UK Will Make A Right Balls Up Of Games'

Russell Brand maybe British but he doesn’t seem to like his home country that much as he has attacked the Queen, the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics in a rant on US TV claiming that the country would make a “right balls up” of hosting the sporting event.

Speaking on Conan O’Brien the 37 year-old claimed that things would “catch fire” and that Brits are “too clumsy” too organise anything.

“No way. China did such a great job,” he said according to The Mirror.

“We are too clumsy, we are too self effacing as you know with the English the politeness masks deep sexual deviance.”

What is Russell talking about? What about our famed love of queuing and ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude – perfect for holding such a huge event!

The comedian seems to think that how well you handle the Olympic opening ceremony is somehow tied to the military strength of a country, claiming: “I think we are under a lot of pressure, because China were clearly able to demonstrate the opening ceremony that ‘we can make all these people do the exact same thing at once – don’t you dare get in a war with us.’”

While it seems that Russ is no fan of the UK he did claim to “like” England at least.

“I like England and I am from there. But when it involves organisation it is going to be a right balls up,” he said.

“Things will catch fire and people will be tripping over things, then it start raining and the Queen will do a fart.”

It wasn’t just the London Olympics that came under attack, the star also made disrespectful remarks about the Diamond Jubilee and the millions of people across the country who celebrated the occasion.

“What is that - It’s a Diamond Jubilee. I will karate chop it on the neck?” he claimed.

“I think it just means she has been Queen for a certain amount of time now. It is seventy five years or something mad. That is so long even to be alive.”

Despite a high approval rating for the Queen, Russell seems to think that there are 'revolutionary feelings' amongst the British public and that the Jubilee was a way to “distract” the public.

“It is hypocritical, isn’t it? We will rise up. I say it is time for a bloody revolution,” he went on.

“People need to have things to celebrate otherwise people realize we are oppressed and unable to express ourselves freely because we are at the behest of all these corporate entities. So yeah they have a party to distract us from the fact we are being tyrannised.”

Russell, who spends most of his time in the US, clearly isn’t happy with the UK!

We wonder what we have done wrong?!

Russell Looks Miserable In London.....

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