Ryan Gosling And Macaulay Culkin Have Been Wearing T-Shirts Of Each Other

If we were lucky enough to spend the day clinging to Ryan Gosling’s chest we’d probably get a T-shirt made of it too.

So we’re not surprised when we saw Macaulay Culkin in just that after Gosling stepped out in a t-shirt of the Home Alone star last month. Posting it to the Pizza Underground’s Twitter page (Culkin’s group) the understandably gleeful child star proudly showed off his Gosling t-shirt.

It’s blown our mind a little bit to see someone wearing a t-shirt on a t-shirt, so imagine when Culkin posted this mind bending picture of sexiest man alive Ryan wearing a t-shirt, of Macaulay wearing a t-shirt of him wearing a t-shirt.

Got your head round that? Unfortunately the second picture of Ryan is a photoshop, his t-shirt printing skills can’t be that quick. But we can imagine he’ll do something soon. Gosling is returning to the spotlight after way too long away by hitting the Cannes Film Festival.

This is the original t-shirt - FameFlynetUK

Let’s hope he wears some Culkin themed ensemble on the red carpet.

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