Sam Rockwell: Colin Farrell And 'Seven Psychopaths' Stars Are All Bonkers

The movie 'Seven Psychopaths' features some, to be kind, eccentric characters, with Colin Farrell's alcoholic writer perhaps the most sensible.

However one of its stars, Sam Rockwell says that the movie's actors are almost as bonkers as their characters.

In an interview witht The Telegraph he said: "I think any good actor is an anarchist,” adding:  “They have to be.”

The film is a black comedy starring various psychotic characters who are played by Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken and become entwined in a tale of dog knapping, murder and revenge.

Rockwell said: “We’re all out there,” he says. “When Colin was first on the scene he was, like, smoking and drinking on red carpets. Everyone was, like: what is he doing? Is his publicist going to tell him not to do that? He wore this hat, and you’re like: what the f--- is going on here? This is chaos."

He continued: "Woody smokes pot and doesn’t eat meat. That’s his rebellion. And Chris takes out all the punctuation from his scripts. I mean, who are these guys? They’re nuts. You know what I mean? It’s like hanging out with three Elvises.”

“I think I have my version so, yeah, you could say four Elvises. But my Elvis is probably a little more on the eccentric side.”



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