Could Shailene Woodley Win An Oscar Nomination For Fault In Our Stars Role?

Shailene Woodley has proven her acting chops, starting with indie flicks, she also has a teen franchise under her belt in the shape of Divergent, and now she stars in the highly anticipated The Fault In Our Stars. But could the actress be in line for an Oscar nomination?

With the release of The Fault In Our Stars in America today, critics have been applauding Shailene's performance, with Forbes describing the film as a “generational classic” and her acting as “would be an Oscar contending-performance if the film were considered more prestigious.”

But is it really out of her reach? Hollywood News puts Shai under their hot contenders for a 2015 Best Actress nom from the Academy Awards, calling her portrayal of TFIOS Hazel Lancaster the “best performance of her career”.

Oscar contender? Shailene at TFIOS premiere in New York (WENN)

Other film reviewers have been quick to draw comparisons between Shailene and Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. J-Law won an Oscar last year for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Hitfix noted that the “Academy loves an ingenue and has rewarded one of Woodley's peers, Ms. Jennifer Lawrence, quite handsomely over the past four years”.

This includes her 2011 nom for her performance in indie flick Winter Bone, and her Best Supporting Actress nod for American Hustle.

In contrast, Shailene was snubbed by the Awards in 2012, after her film The Descendants failed to make the shortlist. However the film itself garnered four nominations that year, including Best Actor for Woodley's on-screen dad, George Clooney.

Unfortunately for Ms Woodley, she has some stiff competition if she hopes to take home a coveted golden statue next year. The likes of Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Michelle Williams and Rosamund Pike are all rumoured to be honoured with a nomination from the Academy.

Even, Jennifer Lawrence, has a shot at winning her second Oscar for Best Actress, as pundits peg her for a nomination for her performance in the film adaptation of the American novel Serena.

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