Shannon Elizabeth gets TV makeover

Shannon Elizabeth gets TV makeover

American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth has agreed to let TV makeover gurus revamp her casual look as she is often too "lazy" to bother dressing up.

The actress opened up her closet to stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, who reworked her wardrobe for the hit reality show What Not To Wear.

Elizabeth accepted the challenge after falling into a fashion rut, admitting she opts for jeans because they're "loose enough that I can breathe".

She tells Entertainment Tonight, "I'm a super casual girl. Even for meetings for my jewellery line, as a businesswoman, I really don't dress up that much. Stacy and Clinton are gonna have a tough time with me!"

Chatting about her style, Elizabeth adds, "I have a casual, no-style kind of look. I'm OK with that, I'm happy with that. I'm comfortable. When I'm on camera, I don't dress as casual. It just takes me a few hours to get ready and I'm lazy!

"I hate shopping. I kind of just want to hide and blend into the wall. I love acting and playing these characters and these roles, but even when I was younger I've always been this shy girl... I'm an only child, and just kind of like, super quiet."

Elizabeth isn't the only famous face to appear on the series - former Blossom star Mayim Bialik had a What Not To Wear makeover in 2009.