Sherlock Star Benedict Cumberbatch To Appear On The Simpsons

Sherlock Star Benedict Cumberbatch To Appear On The Simpsons

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has landed a role as a guest character on The Simpsons after personally making a request to producers who he met randomly in a studio.

The Sherlock star has become hugely popular after the BBC drama received widespread critical acclaim and even became a hit overseas in the US.

Speaking of his next role, which will see him take on a yellow hue, Benedict told InStyle Magazine: “I was at a meeting in the same place The Simpsons is recorded and heard there was a part going in an episode. I said, 'I hate to muscle in here guys but could I record it?' Next thing, I'm standing in a room with all those famous voices; Bart, Marge, Homer, Lisa.”

Benedict recently won a TV Critics Choice Award for Best Actor at a ceremony in LA for his role in Sherlock.

The 35-year-old actor explained that he enjoys taking on varied roles: “I like treating every job as the first time and to do that, I'll vary the work, so I'll be a knuckle head and run around with girls and guns, then I'll slow it down and do something different like [Edwardian drama] Parade's End.”

Explaining more about his role in Parade's End, Benedict said: "I wore a fat suit under my clothes and had bumpers in my cheeks. They attach like a brace to your teeth to make your face look plumper."

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