Shock For Fans As Harry Potter Is The Anti-Christ

Shock For Fans As Harry Potter Is The Anti-Christ
Shock For Fans As Harry Potter Is The Anti-Christ

To millions of young book lovers across the world Harry Potter is a hero who can do no wrong, the boy wizard who took on the forces of evil and won, all while going through the difficult transition from gawky school kid to teenage magical celebrity.

However fans who thought they knew Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe in the hugely successful film series, will be in for a shock if they see the latest book to feature the boy wizard, as it is a graphical novel showing him as the anti-christ.

In a move likely to anger lovers of the books, celebrated graphic novellist Alan Moore has shown a character bearing an unmistakable resemblance to Harry Potter as the anti-christ tin the latest of his series of 'Century' books, 'Century 2009'.

According to The Independent, the character shares with Potter a magical scar, as well as a fondness for trips to a wizarding school through a passage at King's Cross Station. The paper also reports that the character also shoots lightening from his penis, and that there are contemporaries to Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley .

Secrecy has surrounded Moore's attack on Harry Potter, with only one review copy in existence, seen by only one reviewer. The paper reports that part of the secrecy over the book is due to fears that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling could sue over breach of copyright, as she's famously protective of her character.

Moore's previous creations include 'Watchmen', 'V For Vendetta' and 'From Hell' - all of which have made it to the big screen, meaning that his version of Potter could make his way on to the big screen and battling Radcliffe's fondly remembered performances as Harry.

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