Simon Cowell Will 'Never' Return To X Factor UK Due To Jetlag


Don't expect to see Simon Cowell return to the UK version of the X Factor anytime soon as the media mogul reportedly won't return to the show for fear that he will look really old.

According to The Sun, an insider claimed that Simon doesn't like the way he looks when he has jetlag from flying between America and the US.

They said: "Simon hates the way his face looks when he's jet-lagged and that's the real reason he will never be back.

"When he's tired he gets bags and dark circles under his eyes and he hates that. The air-con on the plane also really dries out his skin. When he gets off a plane, he wears sunglasses to hide his eyes."

Despite the possibility of being able to make it back to the UK in time for the show, the insider added:

"Simon's looks are important to him - he's got one of the most famous faces in the world. This is all about him protecting his image."

We have contacted Simon's team to see if bags will really keep him away from the X Factor.

Simon and the X Factor USA judges

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