Soapland's Hottest Hunks: Scott Maslen, Marc Elliot and Danny Mac

Samantha Robinson
Soapland's Hottest Hunks: Scott Maslen, Marc Elliot and Danny Mac
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Ryan Coronation Street

Gripping plots aside, it's Soapland's hunks which encourage us to tune in each night. From Eastenders to Hollyoaks, they're all filled with so many hot guys that it's becoming quite the struggle to choose our favourites, but fear not, as we've somehow managed to create a list of our hottest top ten. You're welcome! And yes, it did feel a bit like X Factor where they have a pile of photographs and have to choose their favourites. Such a hard life!

1) Dodger Savage (Danny Mac): Hollyoaks

With a body like Dodger's, we totally understand why Hollyoaks HQ makes their cast strip off and do a seasonal calendar. Swoon! Oh, and if you ever need somebody to grease up that bod on those shoots, just give us a call!

2) Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem): Emmerdale
He may play a bit of an obsessive control freak, but hands up who wouldn't want to go all Fifty Shades with him?

3) Syed Masood (Marc Elliott): Eastenders
Bagging Syed would mean inheriting a pain of a mother in law, but who cares when he's that fit! And don't lie, what girl doesn't watch Eastenders and think what a waste that he's gay?- here's hoping he's as straight as a pole in real life!

4) Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson): Hollyoaks
Everybody loves a bit of fun with a hot blonde, which is something that Soapland seems to be forgetting at the moment! The only hot blonde which we can find is Darren Osbourne. Sort it out people!

5) Ryan Connor (Sol Heras): Coronation Street
Those Corrie Execs deserve a pat on the back with their latest re-cast; Ryan went away and came back even hotter! Hurrah!

6) Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan): Hollyoaks
Bring on the tash rash! What girl doesn't love an Irish accent mixed with a good moustache? Or is it simply his bad boy tendencies which get us all hot and bothered?

7) Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis): Coronation Street
It's about time that Corrie presented us with some fresh meat, and Rob definitely fills the gap that Liam Connor left!

8) Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas): Eastenders
These days, Eastenders is full of Moons, and although we've got nothing against Shane Ritchie, it's his cousin Anthony's full moon which we really want to see!

9) Jack Branning (Scott Maslen): Eastenders
There's something sensual about Jack Branning. That is all. Oh, but Max Branning- what went so wrong there?!

10) Alex Moss (Kurtis Stacey): Emmerdale

Sometimes Alex is hot. Sometimes Alex isn't hot. He's one of those, but it's mandatory for every hot list to have a rugged thug, so here he is at number ten.

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