Solange Knowles Says Diana Ross Inspired Her New Afro Hairstyle

Solange Knowles Says Diana Ross Inspired Her New Afro Hairstyle

Solange Knowles has been rocking a huge afro as of late and says that soul legend Diana Ross inspired her new do.

The 26-year-old is known to switch up her hair game frequently and this year alone has sported braids, a shaved head and a straight weave. While it was slightly obvious that Solange was channelling Diana, she explains that she wanted to exude a rebellious nature.

"Diana Ross is the quite obvious one," Solange said when asked by Style Blazer who inspired her 'fro. "If you look at pictures of her in the '60s, '70s through the '80s, she embodied everything about that era in such a timeless way. Her hair is a whole other conversation."

Solange's mother Tina was also an influence, as she explains: "And seeing photos of my mother from the '60s and '70s, she was a total rebel with her style. She had extremely fine hair and washed it with detergent to coarsen it up and had this amazing Afro."

Who do you think has the better afro - Solange or Serena Williams? Vote in TaleTela's poll here.

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