Suge Knight: 'Dr. Dre Is A Closet Gay'

Suge Knight: 'Dr. Dre Is A Closet Gay'
Suge Knight: 'Dr. Dre Is A Closet Gay'

Suge Knight and his unstoppable loose lips went on air recently and branded former Death Row member Dr. Dre a closest gay.

The fallen music mogul spoke on a radio show and dropped the bombshell on the suprised host, according to TMZ.

"95% [of rappers] is closet cases. I know the ones who is on our labels who's like that," he alleged.

Before dishing the deets on a heated incident between ex-label mates Tupac and Dr Dre, where the late rapper questioned his sexuality.

"Tupac said 'I'm tired of this [meeting]. Dre you is a fa**ot.'"

To which Suge said Dre responded: "First of all I'm not a fa**ot... I'm not homosexual, I'm bi-sexual. If I wanna pound some butt I can do a woman."

"I'm bi-sexual because I like to get pounded in the butt."

Suge then wrapped up the interview with the words: "Dre you is a fa**ot."

We're sensing a libel case headed Suge's way soon.

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