Sylvester Stallone Defied Doctors' Warnings To Perform Death-Defying Expendables Stunts


'Expendables 2' star Sylvester Stallone took his life into his hands when filming 'the movie', he admitted at a press conference to promote the film on Monday.

The star said that doctors had advised him against performing stunts in the movie, after he had injured himself badly while filming the first big screen outing of The Expendables.

However Sly, who rose to fame by starring in and writing 1976's  'Rocky', ignored his doctors' entreaties to let stunt guys do the hard work and ensure his own safety.

When asked about whether he had received warnings from anyone dear to him or influential about performing stunts, the action star said: "Yes, the doctors, I had my neck fused in the last one when a stunt went a little bad and I had two back operations, a shoulder operation, it took its toll and the doctor said don't take any rough falls, let a stunt fella do it, but sometimes you just have to do it and I don't know why, sometimes I just throw common sense out of the window."

However he admitted that allowing others to take the strain was difficult for him, saying: "But sometimes I can't help myself."

Stallone has recently had to overcome personal tragedy with the death of son Sage and his half-sister being severely ill.

He seemed in chipper mood at the press conference though as he described the competition on set between action stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme as "very good", adding: "No one wants to be second."

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