The Voice's Holly Willoughby chats Jessie J, Phil Schofield and babies

Julia White
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The Voice host Holly Willoughby chatted to omg! exclusively...

What do you love so much about The Voice?

It gets you right from the moment the coaches sing together from the top. The format of not being able to see the person when they're singing is amazing.

What's it like being there as a shoulder to cry on for the rejected singers?

There's not much scooping up. The artists tend to be fine. Even when the audition doesn't go right they've been given such great advice. They all get a long chunk of time and learn so much so when they come off set they're kind of elated. There's more happy tears than sad tears. The hardest bit is being with the family. They want it so much for their loved ones and are powerless to do anything about it.

Have you cried a lot since the start of the show?

Yeah I've had a little cry. I pretty much spend most of my life in tears. Music should get all of those emotions in you. I am the worst person to talk to because I would put them all through.

You're hosting with Reggie Yates, is this an attempt at a move away from Philip Schofield?

No I'd prefer it if I was surgically joint at Phil's hip. Totally not. That's not the reason for moving away at all. That was for me one of the hardest bits of moving and if it wasn't for the fact I got my Phil fix of a morning [on This Morning] then it would have been an even harder decision to make. I think nothing to do with Phil whatsoever it's really good to do different stuff. I've got This Morning which is totally different from Celeb Juice and then this. In a dream plan in my head it's the perfect combination.

Who are you most excited about working with in terms of the coaches?

Tom Jones. It's amazing working with him. Even when he's not singing he's got that voice that draws you in. Jessie I love. She's just so cool and she's got an energy about and you can't be around her and not have a good time. You kind of up your game when you're around her because you can't not ride that wave that she's on. She's amazing, as a young female she's inspirational.

And what about babies. Any plans for number three?

I'm permanently pregnant as it is! I love babies and I'd like to have a big family so eventually but not now.

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