TOWIE: James 'Arg' Argent Bares All And Woos Girlfriend Gemma Collins


TOWIE’s James Argent wears only a thong on national television to declare his love for girlfriend Gemma Collins.

Arg finally realised that his behaviour towards Gemma has gone too far lately after a few stern words from Sugarhut owner Mick Norcross in tonights (Aug 1) episode of The Only Way Is Essex.

Mick sits Arg down and tells him that he is unhappy with the way that Arg spoke to Lydia at Joey Essex’s Birthday party last week. He tells him: “I’m a little bit put out. I feel it was disrespectful to Gem, to Lyd, to everyone around to reduce a girl to tears like that.”

Arg apologises to Mick and they shake hands, although Mick says that he should be apologising to Lydia.

Later, Gemma Collins confides in Mum Joan Collins, who asks if Gemma has been feeling down because it’s her first time away from home in 31 years. Gemma breaks down in tears and whispers “It’s going wrong everything is just going wrong. The writing's on the wall, It’s not really going anywhere.”

Joan advises that Gemma should “Get rid of him, move on.”

Gemma concludes that “He either makes a bold statement and woos me or that’s it, see you later James.”

Gemma's wish comes true as Arg strips down to a thong and covers his nether regions with a pink fish tank and knocks on her door. Arg begins to serenade her (if you could call it that) whilst the rest of the nation gets a view of his backside.

He says to her “I wouldn’t do this for anyone else. I’m so proud that you’re my girlfriend.”

Gemma replies “You can give me the fish then you can go” but quickly follows it up with “I’m joking, you stupid sod.”

Happiness seems to be restored as Gemma exclaims “they’re like our little babies!” and Arg suggests that the pair of fish should be called Posh and Becks.

Will the romance last or will it only be a matter of time before Arg says the wrong thing?

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