TOWIE: James 'Arg' Argent Strips In A Bid To Win Back Gemma Collins

In a bid to win back Gemma Collins after upsetting her (and ex Lydia Bright) the other night, TOWIE's James 'Arg' Argent opted for the obvious tactic of stripping naked and presenting her with two fish.

As you do.

If you're feeling a little bit confused about The Only Way Is Essex star's wooing tactics, then feel free to join the club; we have absolutely no idea what posessed the reality star to do such a strange thing - especially when he's not famed for having the BEST body in Essex.

Arg felt the need to make a grand gesture to Gemma Collins after reducing his ex-girlfriend Lydia Bright to tears when he caught the pair talking the other night; ex girlfriends, in Arg's world, can NEVER be friends with the current girlfriend.

Gemma has already confessed to her mum that she was considering ending things with Arg if he didn't do something very OTT to woo her... cue a knock on the door, the sight of Arg wearing nothing but shoes, socks, a bowtie and a thong (THONG?!), clutching a pink fishtank.

Luckily the TOWIE star had a speech prepared to help him explain his strange appearance:

"I wouldn’t do this for anyone else. I’m so proud that you’re my girlfriend."

 "I know obviously I'm allergic to cats and I don't really like dogs, so I wanted to buy you a pet, I've got you some kissing fish. And I know you love pink, so I thought I'd give you a pink fish tank, I just want you to know that I'm so proud that you're my girlfriend."


Personally, we're not so sure that would have worked wonders on us, but it seemed to do the trick for girlfriend Gemma - although she wasn't prepared to let him off the hook THAT easily:

"You can give me the fish then you can go... I’m joking you stupid sod."

Love's pretty weird, isn't it?

TOWIE's Arg and Gemma's Romance In Pictures


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