TOWIE's Arg Finally Admits To Doing The Dirty On Lydia Bright

TOWIE's Arg Finally Admits To Doing The Dirty On Lydia Bright
TOWIE's Arg Finally Admits To Doing The Dirty On Lydia Bright

The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia Bright has always had her suspicions that her boyfriend of four years Arg cheated on her when they were together, and at last her worst fears were confirmed, as her chubby ex finally confesses to her mum Debbie that he did in fact do the dirty on Lydia.

TOWIE fans have watched how the aftermath of the messy split has caused row after row between the two former lovers, with Arg hurling abuse at Lydia at every opportunity, calling the blonde fashionista: “a sl*g,” “a wh*re” and “sloppy seconds.”

But despite the nastiness and vile words, it’s clear that Arg still holds a burning torch for his ex, as he goes to visit Lydia’s mum Debbie to see if he can get her to persuade her daughter to take him back, following the revelation that she is now seeing his mate and fellow TOWIE star Tom Kilbey.

The unlikely love rat confesses to Lydia’s mum that the rumours about his infidelity are true, revealing: “I did sleep with a few girls behind her back…I’m so sorry Debbie.”

Both of them become emotional, and a tearful Debbie takes Arg to task as she tells him:  “You call Lydia all those horrible, disgusting names, who are you hurting? You’re hurting her desperately.  You’ve turned into some sort of monster, I don’t know what’s happened to you.”

A deflated Arg finally opens up about the difficult time he’s had over the previous few months, admitting:  ”It was hard enough when Mark went away, I found that quite tough and then I lost Lydia and it just sort of like the two most important people in my life I lost at once.”

However it seems like it’s too little too late, as Lydia has resolutely moved on with Tom Kilbey, and in tonight’s series five finale of The Only Way Is Essex the pair share their first kiss.

Lydia seems relieved as she tells her new beau that Arg confessed his dirty deeds to her mum, believing that “maybe that does mean that he’s moving on.”

Do you think TOWIE's Lydia and Arg will ever work it out, or is Lydia better off with new love interest Tom?

The Highs And Lows Of TOWIE's Arg And Lydia:

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