Will TOWIE's Jessica Wright Ever Learn To Trust Boyfriend Ricky Rayment?


TOWIE’s Jessica Wright just can’t seem to believe that boyfriend Ricky Rayment isn’t a cheat, even after he puts his heart out on the table to her.

On tonight's episode of the The Only Way Is Essex, Jess decides if she and Ricky have a future.

Mum Carol Wright is the first to notice that Jess hasn’t been herself and admits to Nanny Pat and Dad Mark Wright that she’s so happy but has been "down" the last few days because of Ricky. Nanny Pat has a few wise words to say and suggests “Would it be because he mucks around with all the girls?  Sometimes boys can’t resist.”

Later Jess confides in mum Carol and although she admits she is “Really happy in one sense”, she also has it in the back of her mind that Ricky could be cheating on her, based on rumours and texts regarding Ricky’s Tweets and Twitter messages.

Jess is worried that she will lose all and reveals “I’m going in this with my full heart and he knows that. The subject of Mario and Lucy is always in my head.”

Jess and Ricky wine and dine and he talks about their plans to move in together. When Jess doesn’t respond he asks her what is wrong and she replies “It’s talking about all this stuff, the flat and the future... I don’t know if you’re ready for what you say.”

Ricky pleads with Jess and pours out his feelings for her, choking up as he says “There’s one thing I know, I love you. My feelings for you have been growing and growing, I know I want to be with you, I see a future with you.”

But Ricky’s words are cheap as Jess still won’t believe him and admits “The trust thing is in my head all the time, I can’t shake it off.”

Ricky can only stress how much he loves her and tells her “I don’t put my heart on the table, I don’t do that. But I’ve done it.”

The discussion proves itself top much for Jess who can’t place how she feels. She ends up leaving the meal after saying “I want to believe you but I don’t know what to do, I’m going to go away and think.”

Should Jess trust Ricky?




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