TOWIE's Joey Essex On Jess Wright 'Once A Cheat Always A Cheat'


In tonight’s episode of TOWIE Tom Pearce reveals that Jessica Wright isn’t so innocent when it comes to being faithful after sending “flirty messages” to him.

Lauren Goodger, Joey Essex, Tom P and Lil’ Chris meet for drinks in the pub. Joey foolishly tells Lauren that Jess had told him earlier in the episode that she has a bald patch on her head, caused by Lauren who had allegedly pulled the hair out. The conversation arose as Jess was discussing the treatment she is getting for her hair.

Of course, Lauren doesn’t take too well to the subject and says “How can you blame that on me. At the end of the end of the day if someone pulled her hair out it would grow back. She’s got problems with her hair, that’s why she’s getting it treated.” Joey quickly backtracks and says he doesn’t want to get involved.

Tom P is next to step in with the big wooden spoon and says that Jess isn’t as innocent as she seems. He tells Lauren that after the night when Lauren and Tom had their first kiss she had sent him a “flirty” text, and he shows LG.

The text itself isn't made clear but whatever it says infuriates Lauren and she says “That girl is a cheat” and the others agree. Joey also adds “Once a cheat always a cheat.” Tom P chips in with “It’s not as though it could be taken as jokey, we’re hardly good mates.”

Is Jess right to have trust issues in her relationship with Ricky Rayment if she is sending flirty messages? Or is it just another infamous Essex rumour...

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