Tracy Anderson Apologizes After Slamming New Moms


Trainer to the Hollywood stars Tracy Anderson put herself in the middle of some major controversy earlier this week after accusing new moms of letting their bodies go during pregnancy.

The fitness guru is now backpedaling on the comments she made to Dujour Magazine for their September issue, as she appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday to make her public mea culpa on the morning news show.

"I am so mortified, it sounds so bad when it comes back like that," Anderson told GMA host Lara Spencer. "It's not what I meant. So the last thing I would do is judge a woman, especially after [having] children."

The celebrity trainer who launched to worldwide fame when she got Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow in tip-top shape to earn the titles of “momshells” received serious backlash from comments Anderson made to the magazine.

"A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go," Anderson said. "I’ve seen so many women who come to me right after (having children) with disaster bodies that have gone through hell, or they come to me years later and say, ‘Oh, my body is like this because I had three kids.’"

The 37-year-old mother-of-two has been called a “narcissist” and an “idiot” in response to her controversial comments, but Anderson tried to explicate that her words were not meant how they came across.

"Pregnancy is difficult and every pregnancy is completely unique,” Anderson said. “We crave a lot. I think in today's society where we have all of this pressure to look a certain way, I feel like they turn to diet a lot because that's what works for them because fitness routines usually let them down.”

After Anderson gave birth to her baby girl Penelope in May, the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method lost the 30 pounds of her baby weight in only six weeks, but insisted that what moms eat does have an affect on their unborn’s child’s health.

Anderson explained: "Research shows that to have empty calories going into our body during pregnancy, we are setting our babies up for the rest of their lives – with cancer, with diabetes, all kinds of things – so we do have to be conscious of it."

The petite trainer also shared Gwyneth Paltrow has also fought her own pregnancy cravings similar to any other woman that's expecting.

“Gwyneth (Paltrow) craved Haagen-Dazs,” Anderson said. “I craved cheeseburgers. But stay connected to your body, your body doesn't have to be sacrificed forever. It is empowering to get the weight off to get your body back."

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