Troll Who Targeted Gary Barlow Stands By His Sick Tweets

Former Big Brother contestant and vile internet troll Kenneth Tong has defended a series of unmentionable tweets posted to Take That singer Gary Barlow following the stillbirth of his daughter Poppy.

Tong posted a series of poisonous messages days after the Take That star and wife Dawn announced Poppy’s death. Dawn, a mother of three, was eight and a half months into her fourth pregnancy when Poppy was still-born.

Z-lister Tong then sent six twisted tweets to bereaved X Factor judge Gary in under an hour. He was bombarded with criticism from Twitter users shortly after, amid calls he should be banned from using the social media channel.

The sick individual refuses to apologise for his incomprehensible actions, telling The Sun he just did it to get noticed. He said: “It’s quite a funny situation. I just thought of something funny to say and it evolved from there.

“My tweets aren’t offensive to the point where they are illegal.

“I know it’s a bit selfish but it’s about what I get out of it. This will get people’s attention.

“People will know my name and that’s all that matters. The chances of Gary reading my responses are next to nothing, and if he does, you know what, I apologise. But I just wanted to get noticed.”

It isn’t the first time Tong has provoked controversy online. He launched a “pro-anorexia” campaign on Twitter which he then declared was a hoax after it was slammed by celebrities. There was so much outrage he had to go into hiding abroad.

Following Poppy’s death, Gary thanked fans for their “overwhelming” support on Twitter when a memorial fund was set up in his baby’s name.

According to ContactMusic, Tong said:  "I proved how easy it is to become a global phenomena in the age of instant media."

We suggest such a global phenomenon will need an exceptional new hiding place.

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