Tulisa Admits She'd 'Love To Take 50 Cent On A Date To Nandos'


Tulisa manages to grab the attention of many a man and the latest guy to take a fancy to the N-Dubz star is none other than 50 Cent, who apparently wants to take the star on a date to Nandos. Aaaah, only the best eh...

Tulisa has since said that she's 'shocked' about the crush, describing Fiddy as a 'big star.'

The 'Young' star told Bliss Magazine: "It was quite a shock. 50's someone I grew up listening to. He's a big star in my eyes so it was definitely very complimentary. How cool is that?"

She then added: "I don't know if he was necessarily crushing on me – he said going for dinner, but he could mean that as a musician that he respects and wouldn't mind working with me."

"I'm really grateful after the year I've had that someone so big would speak out in the media and support me. But I'd definitely do dinner with him and I'd love to work with him!"

For those of you who missed 50 Cent's 'messages of love' for the star, the rapper told the Daily Star: "I'm going to be over in the UK later on again in the year and I would love to meet Tulisa for dinner.

"She had it tough and she has also been through some s**t recently as well. I love how she has handled that by flipping the bird to that guy who sold her out."

Tulisa then added: "All Americans that I know seem to love Nando's because they don't have it, they can't wait every time they come over here!"

However, she's well aware that relationships are not always so easy in the public eye...

"Yeah, I'd assume that's OK with him putting it out there," she said. "I'd then respond in the media saying, 'Yeah I think he's hot', and he'd then approach me. I suppose that's a way that people do get together, but as yet no one's reached out to me."

"It's hard for celebrities to hook up because they can't really go out. When I do, half the guys I meet are fans and just want a picture!"

Tulisa looks worse for wear after recent night out

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