Victoria Beckham: 'He May Be Hot But David Can't Dance'

Victoria Beckham: 'He May Be Hot But David Can't Dance'
Victoria Beckham: 'He May Be Hot But David Can't Dance'

David Beckham is often described as the perfect specimen of manhood but his wife Victoria has revealed that the footballing hunk is not as amazing as we thought. According to the 38 year-old David has one flaw, he can’t dance to save his life.

While we know the 37 year-old is talented with his feet on the pitch it seems as soon as he slips his boots off the H&M stud struggles with any coordination, bless!

The mother-of-four revealed the little known fact in a video for the London 2012 great Great Britain campaign where the designer bigs up all things British.

Talking about her British inspiration, the Los Angeles based designer said: "I love Camden market, the atmosphere there is more inspiring than anything. Burberry, Hunter...we have really quality British brands and I’m so proud to be included in that."

She even throws in a few compliments for the Queen: "The Queen is chic and appropropriate. I mean she’s the queen"

"The Brits don’t feel the need to conform. We're passionate, we dance to the beat of our own drum."

All except David it seems! While the brunette is flying the British flag for fashion, David has had a more hands on experience with the London Olympics.

The former England star actually delivered the Olympic flame from Greece earlier this month, without which we wouldn’t have any games at all this summer. What a guy!

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