The Wanted's top five songs

Daniel Wood

I wasn't a fan of The Wanted; I thought they were just the next in line of under-talented manufactured pop-groups that made money and not music. However my mum is a massive fan so I accompanied her to see them live at Bournemouth in one of their arena tours.

Whilst initially sceptical I discovered that behind the under-talented manufactured pop group facade was a bunch of fairly talented musicians. Now I've got a new-found appreciation for this boy band, and even though my friends laugh at me when I mention that I like them, but I don't care. When it comes to that gig in Bournemouth with my mum, I'm glad I went. Here are my five fave songs.

5. All Time Low

The song that made them big, the song that sticks in your head for days, All Time Low will forever be a classic. It also marked the irony of a previously unknown boy band smashing into the charts straight at number 1 and becoming instantly successful singing about hitting rock bottom, or as they put it; their all time lows. However when you hear it it's hard not to move even just a little bit of your body.

4. Heart Vacancy

I like to think of this song as The Wanted talking straight to me (or singing rather). I like many bands, none of which are anything like them, but the line "in your heart, I can tell you can fit one more" seemed to be them persuading me that I had to room to like them alongside Bloc Party and Radiohead and they were right. Just like the Innkeeper did for Mary and Joseph, I let The Wanted in, admittedly they're staying in the stable, but they're still there.

3. I'll Be Your Strength

It's very easy for a boy band to prance around and dance and look vaguely attractive, but it's another thing to display competency in several different instruments. Here the boys display that they're actually adept at mastering the grand piano, several acoustic guitars, and drums. Besides I've always been a fan of the slow romantic soppy songs rather than the jump of the down songs.

2. Coldplay Medley

I know this isn't strictly a Wanted song, but it's here for a reason. This is the band making a statement, telling the world to take them seriously. Coldplay are regarded as one of the best bands in the world, they headlined Glastonbury last year, and they have a global following. The Wanted are demonstrating that they can mix it up with the best in music, and come out smelling of roses.

1. Gold Forever

I don't know what it is about songs with the word 'gold' in, they always seem to stick in my head. Spandau Ballet's 'Gold' is another personal favourite, and The Wanted's 'Gold Forever' is my favourite from them. That day with my mum (and my girlfriend, she was there as well) watching The Wanted was a golden day, the message of this song. And it's the Red Nose Day song, everyone loves Red Nose Day.

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