WATCH: AWKWARD! Lindsay Lohan Finds Out About Father's Secret Love Child - Live On TV


Lindsay Lohan just can't keep her life out of the spotlight and now it's got so bad the star is actually finding out about her latest family drama while on TV, with the 26 year-old hearing the news her father had a 17 year-old love child, while appearing on Good Morning America.

Michael, was proven to be the biological father of the teenager, Ashley Horn, following a DNA test on the Trisha Goddard Show in the US. While the rest of the news saw the revelation announced on TV, that the 17 year-old was indeed the newest addition to Hollywood' most dysfunctional family, it seems Lindsay didn't know until her own TV interview.

“I didn’t even hear that, so thanks for the news,” she said when asked about how she felt about having a new half sister.

Ashley was conceived while Michael was still married to Lindsay's mother Dina, but the Liz & Dick star refused to comment on the situation, saying: “I  don’t pay attention to any of it. I can’t,”

“I don’t really want to get into that because. I want to stay on the positive side of things.”

It's just the latest Lohan drama, to hit the headlines. Earlier this year Micheal, his ex-wife Dina and Lindsay were involved in a bizarre string of events following a mother, daughter night out in New York, where Michael claimed Dina was “on cocaine” and keeping Lindsay “hostage”.

In a tape of a conversation between Lilo and her father, obtained by TMZ, the actress allegedly says: "Dad, she's on cocaine.  She's like touching her neck, and s**t"

We wonder what will happen next!

Linsday Lohan On Good Morning America (YouTube)

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