The Only Way Is Marbs: Arg tells Lydia 'I Won't Have To Cheat On Gemma'

The Only Way Is Marbs: Arg tells Lydia 'I Won't Have To Cheat On Gemma'
The Only Way Is Marbs: Arg tells Lydia 'I Won't Have To Cheat On Gemma'

We've been promised fireworks in The Only Way Is Marbs and tonight's special didn't disappoint wirth Arg doing nothing to disprove those cheating rumours as he declares to Lydia, “at least I won’t have to look elsewhere with Gemma!”

A lot has been said between Arg and Lydia over the past five series, and tonight’s special saw the war of words step up a level between the pair. At a BBQ, Arg told the boys how Lydia had been sending him texts, with one message even stating that he and Gemma would need a big bed due to their larger size. Arg then retaliated by telling his long term ex-girlfriend that hopefully he “won’t have to look elsewhere with Gemma”.

He then went on to tell the boys that despite Gemma’s bigger size, she has a beautiful face and “would be better looking than Lydia if she was skinny”. However, despite his jibes, Arg did admit that he believes that Lydia does truly like her new love interest Tom Kilby, and it certainly seemed this way as we watched them sipping cocktails and smooching in the Marbella sun!

Lydia even declared that on a scale out of ten, her current happiness rated an eight, whereas it previously was only a two.

We were left waiting for the much anticipated reunion of Arg and Gemma for almost the entire episode, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Gemma strutted over to an unsuspecting Arg, revealed her bikini body and declared: “I might not be a size 10 but you can kiss it!” before slating him for disrespecting women. You go girl!

Will Arg ever learn? And will him and Gemma eventually find their way into each others arms…again?!

The Only Way Is Marbs....

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