X Factor USA Finalist Slams Britney Spears: 'I Don't Think It Really Mattered To Her That I Didn't Like It'

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Usually finalists on the X Factor (both in the UK and US) have nothing but kind words to say about their mentors, but X Factor USA finalist Beatrice Miller has broken the mould after hitting out at mentor Britney Spears.

Believing that her rendition of Time After Time' by Cyndi Lauper, wasn't her best, Digital Spy reported Simon Cowell saying: "I thought the song was boring. It just went on and on, so it's song choice. For some reason, Britney isn't quite getting the right songs for you."

L.A. Reid also gave criticism, telling the 13 -year-old finalist that the song wasn't great for her.

Appearing to agree with Simon and L.A., Beatrice later told E! Online: "I don't really like slow songs. I listen to Nirvana and Radiohead, not really the divas.

"My song was really boring, and I've been telling Britney that from day one. She just said, 'Get through it and try to connect with the song'. I don't think it really mattered to her that I didn't like it."

Despite Simon and L.A.'s criticism, Britney stood by her song choice saying: "Simon, she has more talent in her pinky than all of your contestants together."

Finding herself siding with Britney, Demi told the talented finalist: "I liked the song choice, because I think it really showcased a different side of you that we haven't seen. Your voice, I didn't know that you could sound so soulful and your tone is incredible. You did amazing."

What did you think of Beatrice's performance? Watch it here.

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X Factor USA Finalist Slams Britney Spears: 'I Don't Think It Really Mattered To Her That I Didn't L

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