X Factor's Sinitta Caught Lying About Her Age?

X Factor's Sinitta Caught Lying About Her Age?

X Factor's Sinitta has been caught lying about her age, claiming she is five years younger than she actually is.

They always say it’s rude to ask a lady’s age but unfortunately for X Factor mentor Sinitta, that rule doesn’t apply in show business.

Simon Cowell’s ex has always claimed she was born in 1968, making her 43. However, as Cowell is 51 this would have made her just 14 when the pair started dating. Luckily for the pop mogul, a source has revealed that Sinitta was actually born in 1963 which would make her 48 as of yesterday.

The source told The Mirror: “This mysterious change came about a couple of decades ago. Of course Simon has always known Sinitta’s real age and was happy to go along with it... until he realised it effectively meant he dated a 14 year-old child when he was 25. “He was mortified, so he’ll be thrilled the truth is finally out – especially as Sinitta looks great whatever her age.”

Sinitta hasn't had a chance to respond to this secret being thrown into the public spotlight, presumably she's still nursing a post birthday hangover.

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