What is next for Brexit? A look ahead at what lies ahead for Theresa May

Theresa May is desperately in negotiations so she can make a deal that is passed by MPs (REUTERS)

Theresa May continues to seek Brexit breakthroughs by negotiating with Jeremy Corbyn and her ministers so she can forge an EU deal that will be passed in the House of Commons.

Today, Friday April 5, Mrs May wrote to the European Council President Donald Tusk asking for an extension to Article 50 untill June 30.

This date is the day before the new European Parliament will hold its first session so it will give the UK an extension without the need for British MEPs to take their seats in the parliament.

If the Prime Minister is unsuccessful in making an agreement with the Labour Party, but there is progress, talks are likely to continue into the weekend.

Leave voters want the Brexit they voted for and have been protesting about it. (REUTERS)

On Monday, April 8, the House of Lords will consider the remaining stage of the EU’s Withdrawal Bill.

This bill was tabled by backbenchers and allows Parliament to set the length of any Brexit extension that Mrs May requests at the EU summit on April 10.

If the House of Lords do pass the bill, known as the Cooper Bill, it would go for Royal Assent and any amendments would be considered by the House of Commons on Monday evening.

Mrs May would then be able to outline her plans to the Commons and lay a Government motion regarding an extension of Article 50.

Next Tuesday, April 9, MPs would vote on the length of any Brexit extension if the Cooper Bill is passed.

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If an agreement is reached between the Government and Labour, it could be debated and voted on by MPs and the Government may also bring forward various Brexit options for MPs to vote on.

Next Wednesday, April 10, Mrs May will travel to Brussels and to be granted a further delay of article 50, she will have to set out what exactly this will achieve.

All 27 EU states would have to agree on any extension.

On Thursday April 11, if the Cooper Bill has been passed by the Lords, it would place new requirements on the PM.

Theresa May is under time pressure to get her deal passed. (AP)

It is also the final date for the UK to take steps to enable European Parliament elections to take place on May 23.

Downing Street has warned that if the Cooper Bill is passed, it could create an “accidental no-deal Brexit” on Friday, April 12.

European Parliament elections are scheduled for May 23 but it is not known yet if the UK will take part.