The next game from Heaven's Vault studio Inkle is about a 1920s school for girls

 Image from Miss Mulligatawney's School for Promising Girls.
Credit: Inkle

Inkle's next game seems to be set in, or focused on, a boarding school for young girls in 1922. The tenatively-named Miss Mulligatawney's School for Promising Girls doesn't have many details yet but it's what they're working on after releasing A Highland Song late last year. The short descriptions available so far focus on a setting in an old nunnery, and details in the background of images seem to imply that there'll be some foul play—you know, like someone falling off a tall tower.

"Offering first-class tuition in Latin, Geometry and sports, Miss Mulligatawney aims to turn promising girls into successful young women," said a press release. "Further details of the curriculum will be announced later this year."

Seems about right to me. Got all the important stuff there: Latin, Geometry, and Sports. It's a wonder they can afford to do so in this economy. There's also a stuffed owl.

Other information so far includes the presence, in the school, of senior prefects: Students who have the power to dispense demerits and punishments like "extra prep, swab chores and the dreaded 'night shifts'." The info says they're a "firm but fair" group that other students "can really look up to!" which we all know is going to be hogwash at best.

You can find Miss Mulligatawney's School for Promising Girls on Steam. Inkle's press release says it'll release April 14, 1922, which is probably a joke. Probably.

Inkle is one of the premier developers of text-driven adventures in videogames, boasting a quite diverse repertoire despite that pretty narrow focus. Inkle has released such critically acclaimed games as the remarkable 80 Days, the puzzles of Overboard!, the incredible Heaven's Vault, and last year's romping adventure A Highland Song.