Cleveland man with blown tire on interstate gets surprise assist from Browns' Ronnie Harrison

Cassandra Negley
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A man traveling on Interstate 80 in Cleveland this week was thankful a fellow driver stopped to help when his tire blew. He had no idea that person plays for the Cleveland Browns.

Browns player stops to help man in I-80

Michael Cutlip realized his vehicle was pulling right and pulled over on the interstate during a Thursday afternoon trip, News 5 Cleveland reported. The tire had completely blown, rolling off the car and down the side of the road.

Browns safety Ronnie Harrison was driving behind him, saw the incident and pulled over to check on Cutlip. As he was helping to change the tire, they began chatting and Cutlip asked why the kind stranger with an out-of-state license plate was in town.

Harrison said he’d been traded — the Jacksonville Jaguars sent him to Cleveland on Sept. 3 for a 2021 fifth-round pick — and explained that he played for the Browns.

“I had this professional football player — millionaire — stop and change my tire for me,” Cutlip said, via News 5 Cleveland. He called Harrison the most “kind, gentle person I’ve met in a long time” and wished him well on the season.

Harrison: I was raised to be kind, helpful

Ronnie Harrison in a brown Browns uniform, without helmet.
Ronnie Harrison stopped to help a man with a blown tire on I-80 in Cleveland. (Will Newton/Getty Images)

Harrison said no one was stopping to check on the driver, so he did and the two assessed the damage. Since Cutlip didn’t have a jack, Harrison got his and helped him change it quickly.

“I just wanted to help and I knew I could get it done real quick and get him on his way,” Harrison said, via News 5 Cleveland. “I just had to pull over and make sure he was OK, to make sure he was going to be safe because I knew it was probably a crazy event for him.”

Harrison, in his third NFL season out of Alabama, said it made him feel good and it was how he was raised. Via News 5 Cleveland:

“That’s how my mom raised me. Be helpful, be kind to people, be respectful, help others, treat people the way you want to be treated—that’s what I always heard growing up,” Harrison said. “It just goes to show a little goes a long way, just being kind to people, just being there to help others.”

He tweeted the story and gained a lot of new fans in the mentions, with many welcoming him to Cleveland. Tyrann Mathieu called him a “real one in any lifetime.”

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