NFL cornerback Logan Ryan paid off his brother's $82,000 in student loans after signing a new contract

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Logan Ryan
Logan Ryan

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NFL cornerback Logan Ryan has never been shy about sharing his beliefs, and now he's putting his money where his mouth is.

On Tuesday, Ryan, 26, announced that he had paid off his brother's student loans, which totaled $82,000. After playing four seasons and grabbing 13 interceptions for the New England Patriots, the Rutgers product signed a three-year, $30 million deal with the Tennessee Titans in March.

"He did everything the right way and still lives with a ridiculous amount of student loan debt," Ryan wrote in his announcement, which was originally posted to Instagram. "The system is broke and makes no sense!! I'm Fortunate and blessed to be able to take care of that for him."

Check out the full announcement below:

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Ryan certainly didn't equivocate on his views. The New Jersey native is decidedly against America's student loan system — just look at the memo line.

That's not surprising coming from Ryan, who's been vocal about his favorite causes in the past. He consistently promotes animal welfare on his Instagram account, and he decorated his cleats accordingly during Week 13 of last season, when the NFL allowed uniform violations for charity.

But even with his outspokenness, Ryan's recent $82,000 payout just might be his most charitable act yet.

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