NFL Quarterbacks with Most Playoff Wins

The New England Patriots will host the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, January 22. There is a shot at history for quarterback Tom Brady. If the Patriots win it will be the 16th career playoff win for Brady. That would tie him with his idle Joe Montana on the all-time list. It would also give Brady a shot to set the new mark in the Super Bowl. Here is a look at the NFL quarterbacks with the most playoff wins.

Joe Montana - 16

Montana has played in a total of 23 playoff games and has won 16 of them. Most of his success came with the San Francisco 49ers. However, Montana does own two playoff wins as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. Montana's resume includes four Super Bowl titles. That is a feat that Brady will match with another Super Bowl win.

Tom Brady - 15

Brady won his first 10 playoff starts. That included three Super Bowl championships. He won 14 of his first 16 playoff starts. However, he lost three in a row starting with the Super Bowl following the 2007 season. Brady snapped his losing streak with a win in the divisional round over the Denver Broncos. The majority of his playoff wins have come at home.

Terry Bradshaw - 14

Like Montana, Bradshaw owns four Super Bowl titles. He has a playoff record of 14-5 in his career. He was the dominant quarterback of the 1970s and was the perfect quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though the team had a dominant defense, Bradshaw deserves his share of the credit for those playoff wins in the 1970s.

John Elway - 14

It might seem like Elway had more playoff wins given his many memorable performances. But he actually has 14 wins in 21 career playoff games. Elway led the Broncos to three AFC titles in a four year span in the late 1980s. He beat the Cleveland Browns in the conference title game each time. After some struggles and disappointments, Elway ended up winning his final seven career playoff games. That included two straight Super Bowl championships.