Sharks fan gets creative with latest troll of hated Golden Knights

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The San Jose Sharks-Vegas Golden Knights rivalry has hit new levels of petty. (Photo via Twitter/@NBCSSharks)
The San Jose Sharks-Vegas Golden Knights rivalry has hit new levels of petty. (Photo via Twitter/@NBCSSharks)

Several San Jose Sharks players let it be known just how bad they wanted to beat the Vegas Golden Knights prior to their game last Sunday. Though the game didn’t matter for the Sharks standings-wise, it was very evident they wanted to do everything in their power to deliver a blow to the Golden Knights' playoff hopes — and that's exactly what they did.

Given the fact they are divisional rivals, these two teams don’t like each other much. Plenty of that stems from an intense playoff series back in 2019 that saw the Sharks win in seven games and advance to the Eastern Conference semis, with plenty of drama in that deciding contest. It isn’t just the players that hate on one another, either, as both fan bases — and even the marketing and game-day opps departments — are every bit as into the rivalry.

This was evident once again on Tuesday night during a Sharks home game not even involving the Golden Knights. With fans allowed to share messages on the jumbotron during the intermissions as part of a ticket promotion, one took the opportunity to share a cryptic message toward those Golden Knights and their fanbase.

“Fans Unite!” the message began. “Celebrate! Keep The Hockey Energy Kicking! Now Imbibe Generously, Honor the Sharks!”

A quick glance at the slogan shows a very strange — almost incomprehensible — but seemingly innocent message. However, that all changed when a reddit user let everyone know to look at the first letter of every word.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, it is likely that this completely fooled whosoever job it was to monitor and vet the messages making their way to the scoreboard. Or, maybe they just simply did not care! You know, just let that one slide. The Knights hate is real.

Here's to both teams getting back on track soon so we can have another one of those 2019 slugfest series to enjoy.

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