NHS workers reunited with their kids after ten weeks apart

This is the moment two frontline NHS workers were reunited with their children after spending more than TEN WEEKS apart while they fought coronavirus.

Leigh Hudson, 31, works as a trainee nursing associate while her husband Steven, 38, is an ambulance emergency medical technician.

The pair hadn't seen daughters Cassie, 14, and Caitlin, eight, for 74 days, after they sent the children to live with their grandparents in April.

They wanted to protect them from potentially catching the virus, due to their risky frontline jobs.

But they were reunited on Friday (26/06) and a video shows the blindfolded girls being surprised by their parents.

Leigh, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, said: "Seeing them again was fantastic. It was very emotional. Both kids cried, we cried.

"Being away from them was awful, really, really horrible. We've probably had a maximum of a week away from them since they were born.

"It was Steven's birthday on Sunday so he says it was the best present ever to have the girls home.

"Mum blindfolded them and drove round and round for about ten minutes so they wouldn't know they were coming home, and then we surprised them when they got out the car.

"I don't think they suspected from what they've said. They thought they were going to the park."

Mrs Hudson is a trainee nursing associate in Wakefield, and her husband works for  Yorkshire Ambulance service.

They both come into contact with a lot of Covid-19 patients in their jobs. 

So, when Mrs Hudson's mum and stepdad were both furloughed the kids moved in with them.

They reunited after Mrs Hudson stopped working in the Covid unit, and lockdown restrictions began to ease.