NI Weather: Temperatures 'unseasonably warm' this weekend hitting at least 19°C

Sunshine (Photo: Konstiantyn -
Sunshine (Photo: Konstiantyn -

Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon said that this weekend “will see warmer weather for much of the south of the UK, though the higher temperatures are expected much further south than Northern Ireland”.

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"Despite that, some unseasonably warm weather is likely into the weekend in Northern Ireland, likely peaking in the high teens for some,” he added.

"However, in a split from the conditions likely further south in the UK, there’s also an ongoing chance of showers subduing the feeling of the weather for some in Northern Ireland,” he said.

"On Friday and into Saturday, rain is likely to move in from the west, with those to the west of Northern Ireland likely to see some heavier bursts at times.

Sunshine (Photo: sbw19 -
Sunshine (Photo: sbw19 -

"Through Saturday and into Sunday, there’s a little uncertainty at quite how much of nearby rain holds off shore, but there’s a potential for some pleasant warmth, more likely to the south of Northern Ireland and away from immediate coasts”.

This great news comes as today’s weather brings sunny spells and scattered showers with a temperature of 16 °C.

The Met Office adds: “A bright day with sunny spells and passing showers but most will be in the north and west, where cloudier, with the odd sharp shower, especially in the morning. Moderate westerly winds, but fresh along the north coast”.

It adds that tonight could see “a few showers in the northwest, but mainly dry with clear spells”.

"Cloudier later in the night in the northwest with some rain towards dawn. Brisk west to southwest winds. Minimum temperature 8 °C,” adds the Met Office.

Meanwhile tomorrow (Wednesday) will be “a dry and bright morning in south, but a spell of rain in the north”.

"Cloud and patchy ran spreading southeast in afternoon, with heavy, more prolonged rain in far north. Maximum temperature 16 °C,” add the forecasters.

The news comes as the Met Office also confirmed that last month was the UK’s joint warmest September on record, provisional figures have shown.

The average mean temperature across the country was 15.2C (59.36F), equalling the previous record set in 2006, the Met Office said.

It means five of the top 10 warmest Septembers have taken place this century.

Met Office scientific manager Mark McCarthy said: “This September’s temperature records are heavily driven by how significantly warm the first half of the month was.

“Not only did September have the hottest day of the year – something that has only happened on four previous occasions in our observations – but it also had seven consecutive days where temperatures were above 30C somewhere in the UK, which had never happened in this month in Met Office observations.

“The significantly warm start to September was influenced by high pressure across Europe. This helped to draw warmer air over the UK at the start of the month.

“Once this pattern subsided, we had a more Atlantic influence, with periods of winds and rain, as well as Storm Agnes late in the month, yet often a south-westerly flow resulting in above average temperatures but also humid conditions and plenty of rain.”