Niall Horan recalls visiting the White House at 3am

Niall Horan has found ways to escape fan attention credit:Bang Showbiz
Niall Horan has found ways to escape fan attention credit:Bang Showbiz

Niall Horan once visited the White House at 3am in a bid to escape fan attention.

The 29-year-old singer - who shot to stardom as part of One Direction - has revealed that he's found ways of avoiding the attention of fans.

Niall told Scott Mills on BBC Radio 2: "I remember going to see the White House for the first time at, like, three in the morning because it was the only time I could, actually.

"I remember going for a sleep and then getting up at two o’clock to go and see it and taking a selfie outside."

Niall admitted to doing something similar during a trip to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The pop singer - who starred in One Direction alongside Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik - revealed that he's found some unusual ways to avoid fan attention over the years.

He shared: "I remember one time we were in Rio and we were going to see Christ the Redeemer, the big statue, and we had to decoy a van at the front door and we got in the back of the bread van that was delivering bread to the hotel and they put cushions in the back of it ... with no windows and sweating in Rio de Janeiro heat just so we could go and see it."

Niall previously admitted to struggling with fame during his teenage years.

He told the 'People, Just People' podcast: "We were 17, 18, 19 for the first few years, and I struggled with it.

"The thought of [having to] closing the curtains in my hotel room was madness to me. I struggled with the idea. 'Why won't you just let us out? We just wanna for a walk!' But you can't get inside the brain of a fan, and now I completely get it. But at the time, you're like, 'You're our age. Just let us out. We just wanna walk down the street.'"