‘NiceBot’ Is Tweeting Friendly Things To People To Combat Cyberbullying


A Twitter ‘bot’ is tweeting nice things at random people in order to combat cyberbullying on the social network and online in general.

Tweeting under @TheNiceBot, the virtual good samaritan’s goal is to counteract the negativity on Twitter by sending every single user a compliment.

NiceBot’s Twitter bio reads: “I am The NiceBot. Something mean is posted on Twitter every 60 seconds, so I have been programmed to deliver random niceness every 30 seconds. Have a nice day!”.


U.S. anti-bullying charity Champions Against Bullying teamed up with creative agency Deutsch to create the friendly bot, which tweets out a pre-defined list of friendly lines to a database of Tweeters.

With more than 300 million users on Twitter, the bot has some way to go to hit its target of reaching every single one.


A few 3D-printed NiecBots have also been made featuring Raspberry Pi microcomputers. The have been sent out to ‘celebrity influencers’ who have previously been involved anti-bullying campaigns.

Image credit: ChampionsAgainstBullying.org/Deutsch

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