Nicholas Ralph wants original cast back for All Creatures Great and Small reboot

Nicholas Ralph wants an All Creatures Great and Small reunion credit:Bang Showbiz
Nicholas Ralph wants an All Creatures Great and Small reunion credit:Bang Showbiz

Nicholas Ralph wants to see original cast members in the reboot of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

The 32-year-old actor - who plays veterinarian James Herriot in the Channel 5 remake of the classic drama series - has admitted he is keen for Christopher Timothy, James in the original BBC series based on the books of the same name by Alfred Wight, and other surviving cast members to make a comeback.

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “We’d love to have them on board.”

Recently, James gushed about how much he and the rest of the cast - including Callum Woodhouse (Tristan Farnon) and Anna Madeley (Mrs Hall) - loved getting to know the show’s many guest stars, including Vic Reeves (Jim Moir) and Adrian Rawlins (Charles Harcourt).

He said: “If we can, we’ll go out for a dinner or a beer with whoever’s in, and it’s always just a lot of fun hearing stories from the industry and things like that. We had another great guy, another fantastic English actor, Adrian Rawlins, who played Charles Harcourt. It was great hearing these people’s stories and having a laugh over a beer. That was a lot of fun.”

His co-star Callum - who was being interviewed alongside him - also said: “There’s an actor who came in, Jim Moir. His stage name is Vic Reeves, he’s a very famous English comedian. And he came in and did a couple of days as Mallock, the knacker’s yard owner, and was very, very funny to work with. He was cracking us all up on set. That was a good day.”

In the same interview, Nicholas said Samuel West (Siegfried Farnon) kept his co-stars entertained with his jokes.

He said: “Sam makes me laugh. Oh, he makes me laugh so much when he’s being funny intentionally, but also makes me laugh so much when I think he’s not intentionally being funny. He’s a hoot. He’s good craic.”

The show is returning for a fourth season.