Nick Grimshaw: 'Cheryl wouldn't even discuss her pregnancy with her celebrity friends'

Cheryl’s pregnancy was perhaps one of the worst kept secrets of the celebrity world, with the star refusing to confirm the fact that she was expecting boyfriend Liam Payne’s baby until just a few weeks before she was due – despite her blossoming baby bump.

Now Nick Grimshaw has revealed that it wasn’t just the general public who were banned from speculating about her pregnancy, admitting that he was too scared to ask his pal about the very obvious bun that she had in the oven – even when they met up socially for lunch.

Nick was too scared to ask Cheryl about her pregnancy.

Revealing that he thought Chezza would think he was trying to get a news story for his Radio 1 breakfast show, Grimmers explained: “I never want to ask the normal baby questions, like, ‘What’s it called? What sex is it?

“She is so famous. Me and my friend Amy met her for lunch but we felt like we couldn’t ask her questions about it. Normally if a friend is pregnant you ask but I feel like she didn’t want to tell me as she might think I would tell everyone on Radio 1.

“I probably would if I knew!”

Cheryl and Nick became friends after working together as judges on The X Factor back in 2015, with Grimmy also counting Liam’s One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, as one of his best friends.

Cheryl kept her pregnancy top secret until a couple of weeks before the birth.

However, it appears that even celebs can get anxious around their fellow stars – with Nick proving that he is really just like the rest of us deep down.

Meanwhile, The Sun have reported that Cheryl and Liam have named their newborn son, who was born on March 22nd, Bear – garnering a mixed response from fans.

A source told the publication: “Cheryl and Liam wanted to get to know their baby before deciding on a name.

“They spent over a week getting to know him first before deciding. They wanted to get to know him before they decided on the name.

Liam and Cheryl welcomed their son in March.

“They didn’t have the name Bear before the birth but they’d been thinking of a name since meeting him and they just felt it suited him.

“They love their little baby Bear Payne and are truly over the moon and loving being parents for the first time together.”

Neither Cheryl or Liam have confirmed the reports, and we’re pretty certain that Nick Grimshaw is probably just as out of the loop as we are.

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