Nick Grimshaw Is Going To Resurrect Top Of The Pops. This Is Not A Drill.

After his stint as an X Factor judge didn’t work out too brilliantly, Nick Grimshaw has announced his next project. And it’s a Top Of The Pops spin-off show.


Because apparently having like a gajillion music channel isn’t enough music based TV.

He told The Sun that it’s “what the country needs” - despite TOTP being axed in 2006. Yep, ten years ago.

He said: “’m writing a show with my friend Aimee. We’ve just started writing it. We’re in talks to do a show.


“It’s a music show, it’ll be a show getting music on television.

“It’s what we need so I’m going to make it happen. It’s my mission.”

This follows the BBC’s director of music, Bob Shennan, saying last year that he hoped to rebrand and repackage the cult music show.

Nick also admitted that he still takes an interest in The X Factor, despite the backlash he got from fans before quitting earlier this year. He’s backing a return to the show for Sharon Osbourne.

He said: “I love Sharon, I think she’s made for reality television.

“I liked Gary Barlow because he was grumpy. But Sharon is my favourite.”