Nicola Coughlan clarifies rumors about “Bridgerton's” deleted Polin sex scenes

"I think you got all the Polin we had," Coughlan wrote on social media.

Lady Whistledown would like you to know you're not missing any steamy action in season 3 of Bridgerton.

Since Part Two of the Netflix series dropped last week, rumors have swirled that there were deleted "intimate moments" between the season's central romantic couple, Colin (Luke Newton) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan).

At some point, someone online posited that press screeners contained additional sequences that were cut from the final edit, including an angry kissing scene, an extended bit of foreplay in front of a mirror, and an intimate montage in which Colin proves to Penn that he's a cunning linguist.

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The rumors got so out of hand that a petition was started to demand Netflix reinstate the scenes. It currently has over 67,000 signatures.

But the problem is that the scenes do not exist. Nicola Coughlan confirmed as much to a fan who commented on her Instagram asking to see the scenes. "Aaah this is just a rumour!" she wrote in the comment section of her own post. "I think you got all the Polin we had but there’s lots of BTS still to share."

Entertainment Weekly also had access to the press screeners and we can confirm that none of the scenes described were, in fact, part of the cut that we saw.

<p>Liam Daniel/Netflix</p> Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton on 'Bridgerton'

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton on 'Bridgerton'

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Bridgerton director Tom Verica also told a fan inquiring on his Instagram page that the deleted scenes are non-existent. "Not sure where this all came from but these claims are false," he wrote. "The supposed scenes listed in these posts don't exist."

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We certainly understand the desire to see more steamy moments between Colin and Penelope. But hopefully, just as we saw Kate (Simone Ashley) and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) in moments of post-marital passion this season, we'll get some more connubial bliss from Polin in season 4 — and if you can't wait that long, just put the carriage and the mirror scenes on repeat.

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