Nicola Sturgeon celebrates passing driving test 'at the tender age of 53'

Nicola Sturgeon is celebrating passing her driving test at the age of 53.

The former first minister of Scotland passed the milestone less than a year after leaving Bute House.

On Monday she posted a photo of herself and her driving instructor on Instagram, announcing she had passed her test at the first attempt.

"So this happened today - at the tender age of 53, I passed my driving test (first time!!!)," she said.

"I couldn't have done it without my brilliant instructor Andy MacFarlane of Caledonian Learner Driver Training.

"It was really important to me, as a 53-year-old former FM, not just to have an excellent teacher but someone I could trust and feel comfortable with - Andy was all of that and more.

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"The whole experience has taken me well out of any notion of a comfort zone, but hopefully proves that it's never too late in life to do something new."

Ms Sturgeon resigned as Scotland's first minister and SNP leader in March.

In June, Ms Sturgeon was detained and questioned as part of a police investigation into the SNP's finances. She was let go without being charged later the same day.

Ms Sturgeon confirmed she has not spoken to the police again following her arrest and release earlier this year when she made a surprise appearance at the SNP's party conference earlier this month.

The former party leader arrived in Aberdeen on the second day of the SNP's annual conference, with the media informed in advance and her descending a flight of stairs on to the conference floor to the whoops, cheers and applause of party activists.

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She was also greeted by a standing ovation as the afternoon's speeches began, as well as a video tribute and a second ovation.