Nicola Sturgeon reacts as inquiry finds she did not breach ministerial code

Nicola Sturgeon said members of a Scottish Parliament committee examining her Government’s handling of complaints again Alex Salmond had decided she was “guilty” before evidence was heard. The First Minister spoke after an investigation by James Hamilton QC found she did not breach the ministerial code in relation to allegations she failed to record meetings with her predecessor and others in 2018. She told the BBC: “I look forward, if that’s the right expression, to the committee report being published tomorrow and we will look at that in great detail. “But I cannot escape the conclusion that there are some members of that committee – because their pubic utterances show this – that decided before a single word of evidence had been taken that I was guilty of something and nothing was going to remove them from that view.” She added that the Hamilton report has “concluded I did not mislead Parliament and I didn’t breach the ministerial code in any respect”.