Nicolas Cage expresses his 'terror' over AI

Nicolas Cage has hit out at the risk of AI being used to remake his likeness after death.

The 60-year-old actor has been in the spotlight for decades but he fears that his image will live on after he has passed away due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence and there will be nothing he can do to stop it.

He told The New Yorker, "They're just going to steal my body and do whatever they want with it via digital A.I. ... God, I hope not A.I. I'm terrified of that. I've been very vocal about it."

He continued, "And it makes me wonder, you know, where will the truth of the artists end up? Is it going to be replaced? Is it going to be transmogrified? Where's the heartbeat going to be?"

"I mean, what are you going to do with my body and my face when I'm dead? I don't want you to do anything with it!"

The National Treasure actor made his screen debut in 1981 in the television pilot The Best of Times, which was never picked up.

He made his big-screen debut the following year when he appeared in Fast Times at Ridgemont High playing a character simply credited as Brad's Bud.

Nicolas is a member of the infamous Coppola family - with legendary director, Francis Ford Coppola, being his uncle - but won an Oscar himself in 1996, scooping the Best Actor gong for his role in Leaving Las Vegas.

The star can next be seen in the horror film Longlegs, in which he plays a serial killer being hunted by the FBI, which is due cinemas on Friday.