Nicole Kidman has spoken to sister in ‘weird secret language’ for at least 25 years, Hugh Grant claims

Adam White
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Hugh Grant, Noma Dumezweni and Nicole Kidman in Sky Atlantic’s ‘The Undoing' (Sky Atlantic)
Hugh Grant, Noma Dumezweni and Nicole Kidman in Sky Atlantic’s ‘The Undoing' (Sky Atlantic)

Hugh Grant has claimed that Nicole Kidman has spoken to her sister in a “weird” secret language for at least 25 years.

Grant, who stars with Kidman in the Sky Atlantic limited series The Undoing, recalled meeting the actor for the first time at a dinner in the mid-90s, where guests included Kidman’s then-husband Tom Cruise, Grant’s then-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley and Kidman’s sister Antonia.

“What I remember most was that she was very nice, charming, but when she spoke to her sister, she spoke in a secret language,” Grant told Entertainment Weekly. “And I said, ‘Excuse me, are you speaking in a secret language?’ And they both said, ‘Yes.’”

Asked what the language sounds like, Grant replied: “It’s weird, it sort of goes ‘eggy-peggy this, eggy-peggy that,’ and they still do it ... I’ve always liked her, she’s a silly Aussie girl.”

Antonia Kidman, the younger sister of the Big Little Lies star, is a popular journalist and TV presenter in her native Australia.

In The Undoing, Grant and Kidman play a Manhattan couple who are pulled apart by speculation over the murder of a young mother at their son’s school.

Grant also told the magazine that he embraced playing such a suspicious character after tiring of “just doing a version of Hugh Grant”.

“[I was] the charming leading man, I’m quite happy to have that behind me,” he explained. “So I was trying to find a character, really. I needed to find a very specific guy to be, not just ‘dreamboat.’”

The Undoing begins on Sky Atlantic on 26 August.

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